When it comes to designing and planning a new fish tank, there’s plenty to consider.

Having decided to set up an aquarium, location, size, freshwater or saltwater, stocking, lighting, filtration, pumps, skimmers, other equipment, and more are all important factors.

Options range from off-the-shelf tanks and stands from the likes of Eheim and Juwel to vast, expertly tailored custom solutions created to fit a specific space. Some of these custom solutions can even be large enough for a person to swim in!

Trust the experts

The good news is that whatever you’re looking for, Your Aquarium can help.

Take the worry out of choosing the right equipment, fish, plants, and more by enlisting us to help plan your new aquarium.

We can provide sources for—and subsequently set up—everything required for a beautiful aquarium, whether in a home, a commercial space, or another environment entirely.

Your Aquarium will work with you on the design, installation, stocking (view livestock), maintenance requirements, and everything else needed to get your dream fish tank up and running in a prompt and professional manner.

We can recommend products, retailers, and manufacturers, including bespoke aquarium builders alongside big names like Juwel and our other preferred brands. With your aquarium ordered, things can then be expedited further thanks to our special ability to kickstart your aquarium install.

Read on to find out more about aquarium installation and maintenance.

Kickstart your aquarium install

With your new aquarium ordered, our expertly fine-tuned method of set-up means that fish and other livestock can invariably be introduced to a new tank in as little as 24 hours.

That’s thanks in no small part to our use of German-made Sera Siporax and the industry-leading true nitrifying bacteria known as Colony, available exclusively from American brand Blue Shark. Blue Shark is owned by the world-renowned firm Acrylic Tank Manufacturing or ATM, stars of the Animal Planet TV series, Tanked.

In doing so, beneficial bacteria immediately colonises your new aquarium’s filter media, ensuring perfectly balanced parameters and healthy fish from the outset and for years to come.

Contact us today to discuss your dream freshwater or saltwater fish or reef tank, all spec’d out and comprehensively maintained by Your Aquarium.

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