A proudly local fish tank maintenance company that’s second to none

We’re immensely proud to offer a mobile aquarium maintenance service in Rossendale and across Lancashire and northernmost Greater Manchester that’s second to none.

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Whether you’re looking for basic help with your current fish tank maintenance or need an entirely hands-off, all-in-one solution for a new or existing set-up, we want Your Aquarium to be your first port of call.

Expert aquarium maintenance for homes and businesses

We want each and every one of our clients to be confident that they’ve chosen the best fish tank cleaning company for their needs. No matter how big or small a job, we offer the same friendly, courteous, and always professional service to every client.

From family homes to places of business, we maintain aquariums of all shapes and sizes. From cosy living rooms to corporate boardrooms, what’s most important to us is that everyone receives the same guaranteed five-star level of service.

We’re happy to attend and maintain tanks in all of the following places, spaces, and more:

Residential and commercial

Private homes
Places of business
Retail stores

Healthcare, medical, and wellness

GP surgeries and dental clinics
Barbers and hairdressers
Fitness centres and gyms
Beauty salons

Showrooms and hospitality

Event spaces and venues
Restaurants and bars
Car dealerships

Government and education

Schools and nurseries
Government buildings
Council facilities
Public spaces

Local care in the community

Community centres
Day care facilities
Residential care
Nursing homes

Almost without exception, we’re equipped and insured to maintain aquariums wherever they’re installed. That’s true across much of Lancashire and parts of Greater Manchester, including fish tank maintenance in Blackburn with Darwen, Bolton, Burnley and Pendle, Bury, Hyndburn, Rochdale, and Rossendale.

So, why choose Your Aquarium?

Five reasons to choose Your Aquarium

We want our aquarium maintenance services to speak for themselves. That’s why there’s no hard sell. Clients tell us every day that our passion for fishkeeping and our knowledge of aquarium maintenance say all that needs to be said.

At the same time, we want to help new clients understand a little more about what’s on offer. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of just five reasons why our clients choose us. It’s a list that starts with the simple fact that we’re unashamedly diehard fishkeepers.

We’re diehard fishkeepers, first and foremost

Above all else, at Your Aquarium, we’re lifelong fishkeepers. We’re not simply out to make a quick buck. Instead, we’ve turned a collective passion into a business we love. We care for our clients’ fish and their tanks like our own. We’re always on hand to offer knowledge and advice, too. With that, we’re confident that we provide a service that won’t be beaten when it comes to aquarium maintenance in Rossendale and surrounding areas.

Five-star service across the board

We guarantee five-star service day in and day out. It doesn’t matter who the client is; everyone gets the same top-notch treatment with each visit. Transparency is important to us as well. That means no jargon, no confusing pricing, and the same exacting standard of service in every instance.

Aron Hendrickson
Aron Hendrickson
4 June 2023
I recently spoke to Matt at Your Aquarium just before closing for 30 minutes to ask for help with ammonia spikes and the loss of fish in my aquarium. I was slightly out of the area served, but Matt was still happy to help. He went through everything step by step and worked out the cause for the ammonia spikes. He gave me the correct guidance and said to let him know in a week's time to see how the ammonia levels are and how the fish are doing. He was also happy to visit to look into it when they are closer to us on another job on the day if the situation isn't resolved. I was very impressed with Matt's knowledge, expertise, and willingness to help. He went above and beyond what I expected, and I am very grateful for his assistance. I would highly recommend Your Aquarium to anyone who is looking for aquarium advice or service. Here are some of the things that I liked about my experience: Matt was very knowledgeable about aquariums and fishkeeping. He was patient and took the time to answer all of my questions. He was willing to help me troubleshoot the problem with my aquarium. He was friendly and professional. Overall, I had a great experience with Your Aquarium. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for aquarium advice or service.
Carole Anne Haworth
Carole Anne Haworth
26 May 2023
Punctual ⭐️ Professional ⭐️ Thorough ⭐️ Tidy ⭐️ 100 per cent fish experts ⭐️ Five stars all day long from me 🙋‍♀️ And my fish! 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟
sharon mckay
sharon mckay
20 March 2023
Truly delighted with the service we have received. Last year our family bought a house with a large aquarium left by the seller (agreed) and the maintenance quickly became a significant chore for us despite having kept fish before only in smaller aquariums. My spouse wanted to get rid of the tank it was becoming such a problem but I’m so pleased that we didn’t because it is enjoyed by our young daughter. After struggling for six months we called in reinforcements and I’m so glad we did. The aquarium and the fish now look a million dollars. For two out of practice former fish owners (definitely not experts) suddenly in charge of a surprisingly large tank twice the volume we were told by the old owner it turns out having some professional assistance was precisely what we needed to get us on the right path. Highly recommended.
Michelle Pierce
Michelle Pierce
19 March 2023
My partner and I have both kept fish before but with work and other commitments our present tank had become an issue. Despite regular attempts at cleaning, the tank would begin to look dirty and the water cloudy within a few days of attending to it. We could not figure out why and almost gave up. My partner was reluctant to rehome the fish not least because our daughter who has complex needs is attached to one of the small catfish in the tank and suggested that we call in some expert help instead. The service we have received from Your Aquarium has been exceptional. Our fish tank was promptly and professionally cleaned and serviced for us and immediately looked better than ever, including when we took over caring for it from its previous owner. The following day it looked better still, crystal clear water like the fish were floating. We were informed in detail about how to keep it looking good and told to call, text or email if we had any questions going forward. We have not needed to but it is hugely reassuring to know that we can. Now two weeks later, the tank still looks brilliant and we have done a water change today as instructed. Once it needs any further attention, we will definitely be back in touch. I also want to extend my most sincere thanks to you on my behalf and on behalf of my partner and our daughter. My partner and I were so touched by how accepting you were of our daughter’s unique needs and how you made such an effort to help make her feel involved in what you were doing while you were here. It really brightened her day and she has since taken renewed interest in all of the fish in the tank. If I could give you more than five stars, I would. Best wishes, Michelle, Sharon and Rosie McKay-Pierce
William John
William John
17 February 2023
Sue Highfields
Sue Highfields
16 February 2023
Extremely professional service, great to have a specialist fish tank cleaning and aquarium maintenance company like this in Rossendale.
Charlie Whewell
Charlie Whewell
9 February 2023
Top drawer keep my fish tanks in my studio and at home looking Bobby dazzler 😎
Rx Consulting
Rx Consulting
25 January 2023
Best in the business - fish tank gurus!
Matilda “Mattie” Hall
Matilda “Mattie” Hall
10 January 2023
Called for help with my little boy’s new fish tank yesterday. Thank you for generously and patiently putting my mind at ease. I’m extremely grateful for all of the wonderful advice that you gave me and I’m sure our fish will be too now that I know what I’m doing. 😅

As testimonials like the above show, our clients love us, and we’re confident that you will, too.

Assuring discretion and the minimum of fuss

Working in and around people’s homes and businesses, we’re acutely aware of the importance of discretion and minimising fuss. We’ve pioneered various unique approaches to aquarium maintenance that ensure this is the case. As a result, any unnecessary disruption is avoided, and client confidentiality is assured by default on every visit.

Your Aquarium comes thoroughly prepared

Something that our clients tell us again and again that they appreciate massively is the fact that we come so well-prepared.

We bring everything that each job requires with us. That includes the whole nine yards, from barrels, buckets, hoses, pumps, and towels to our own cleaning equipment, aquascaping tools, water conditioners, buffers, fish tank treatments, and the best test kits on the market. As a result, clients don’t need to keep and store these and other all-important pieces of gear, some of which can take up considerable space.

We also come prepared with shoe covers, face masks, and other essentials for use where required.

With an aquarium maintenance plan in place, all that our clients need to worry about is feeding and basic day-to-day care of their fish tanks. Where requested, we can even provide all of the necessary fresh, frozen, and dry foods, pre-mixed saltwater, CO2 and fertiliser for planted tanks, and more. Check out our aquarium management page for further information.

Fully insured for complete peace of mind

And finally, we’re fully insured for complete peace of mind, courtesy of Covéa Insurance. It’s just another small but crucial factor that helps to set us apart from the competition, where vital insurance coverage can sometimes be lacking. Copies of our policy documents are available on request.

We’re also happy for clients to carry out DBS checks and background screening, should they wish. It’s something that’s important for schools, for example. However, we want every client to feel completely happy and at ease – simply let us know what you need, if anything.

Delighted to serve Lancashire and northernmost Greater Manchester

We’re based in Rossendale, ideally situated to serve most of Lancashire and parts of Greater Manchester. Right now, we offer a plethora of aquarium maintenance solutions in Blackburn, Burnley, Hyndburn, Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, and surrounding areas.

With that, we’re also on hand to serve clients in the Ribble Valley, Leyland and Preston to the west, Colne and nearby towns to the east, and much of northernmost Manchester. That includes Salford, some of Manchester City Center, and popular commuter belt towns like Ramsbottom.

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