Aquarium News Round-Up: May 2024

Between aquarium maintenance visits for existing and new customers and several big tank installs, it’s been a jam-packed month for us all at Your Aquarium!

It’s also been a busy few weeks on the aquarium news front. That’s as a new study has found aquarium visits influence people to change their behaviour and be more sustainable, while a rare blue lobster caught by a Cornish fisherman will now live its life safely in a local aquarium.

The following is a closer look at just a small handful of our favourite aquarium news stories for May 2024, starting with the aforementioned study led by researchers at the University of Sheffield in collaboration with Chester Zoo.

6 May 2024

Zoo and Aquarium Visits Influence People to Change Behaviour and Be More Sustainable

Visiting zoos and aquariums can influence positive behavioural changes and attitudes, a new study has found.

Led by researchers at the University of Sheffield in collaboration with Chester Zoo, the study showed that, on average, people know more about conservation, feel more positive about conservation and are more likely to take action after visiting zoos and aquariums. Behavioural changes included things such as checking to see if the products they buy in supermarkets contain sustainable palm oil.

Read more via The University of Sheffield.

10 May 2024

Rare Blue Lobster Caught by Polperro Fisherman to Live Its Life in Local Aquarium

An extremely rare type of lobster was caught by a Polperro-based fisherman earlier this month.

Amazed at the chances of finding the lobster and worried that it might be caught again by another fisherman or possibly eaten, Chris and Jacquie Spencer, owner of Kitty’s Lobster, Crab and Seafood Shack, made a call to the local aquarium. The aquarium staff suggested that the creature could live its life out in their care in a natural seawater tank where it will be protected from predators.

Continue reading on The Cornish Times.

17 May 2024

Aquarium Filters Among Items Recovered in £60,000 Retail Theft Bust in America

Two American men were recently arrested after police found them with almost $100,000 of stolen aquarium filters and more.

According to California’s Davis Police Department, the two men were arrested for various organized retail theft and conspiracy-related charges. Images posted to social media of the recovered merchandise show a wide range of trinkets and memorabilia that were seemingly stolen from numerous stores, including FX4 aquarium filters and LEGO sets, among other items. The arrests come after California announced that state law enforcement had collectively made nearly 500 arrests related to retail theft and recovered a little more than $4 million worth of stolen goods.

Keep reading at Yahoo News.

27 May 2024

Sea Life Aquarium Lates Is After-Work Fun for Adults

Back for the first time since the pandemic is the chance to enjoy the beauty and magic of an evening at London’s Aquarium with a drink and no kids.

Sea Life London Aquarium, in Southbank, has relaunched its Lates events, an exclusive after-dark experience only for people aged 18 and over. Because of the hour, after work, there were none of the queues you experience when you go as a family and we were offered a complimentary drink to really wind down. There is so much to see, read and marvel at as the Aquarium is home to more than 500 species and 6,000 creatures large and minuscule.

Read the full story on Your Local Guardian.