Aquarium care and fishkeeping; it’s our passion

With decades of combined experience, at Your Aquarium, we’re immensely passionate about what we do. As a dedicated local aquarium maintenance company, we’re on hand in much of Lancashire and parts of Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire to tackle every facet of upkeep for clients across the board, including privately owned fish tanks and those in commercial settings.

That’s in addition to aquariums in schools, GP surgeries and dental clinics, fitness centres and gyms, event spaces and venues, government buildings, council properties, public spaces, community centres, residential and day care facilities, nursing homes, and more.

The same applies to freshwater and marine aquariums, including reef tanks and other more specialised set-ups. We also offer a comprehensive range of fully serviced aquarium solutions, mobile fish tank cleaning, same-day local water testing, one-time overhauls, tank breakdowns, holiday care, livestock sourcing solutions, and more. Elsewhere, we are Juwel aquarium service specialists and further specialise in biOrb maintenance, goldfish tank maintenance, turtle tank maintenance, and paludarium maintenance.

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Aquarium Maintenance

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Whether you’re looking for basic help with your current fish tank maintenance or need an entirely hands-off, all-in-one solution for a new or existing set-up, we want Your Aquarium to be your first port of call.

Aquarium maintenance service areas:

Fish tank maintenance in Blackburn
Fish tank maintenance in Bolton
Fish tank maintenance in Burnley
Fish tank maintenance in Bury
Fish tank maintenance in Hyndburn
Fish tank maintenance in Rochdale
Fish tank maintenance in Rossendale
Fish tank maintenance in Todmorden
Fish tank maintenance in the Ribble Valley
Fish tank maintenance in Chorley *NEW*

We want each and every one of our clients to be confident that they’ve chosen the best aquatic maintenance company for their needs. No matter how big or small a job, we offer the same friendly, courteous, and always professional service to every client.

Whether handling home aquarium maintenance or working in bustling places of business, we clean and maintain fish tanks of all shapes and sizes. From cosy living rooms to corporate boardrooms, what’s most important to us is that everyone receives the same guaranteed five-star level of service.

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Fish Tank Cleaning Service

In addition to undertaking regularly scheduled maintenance, we also offer a separate fish tank cleaning service. Via our aquarium cleaning service, we’re on hand to tackle everything from one-off spruce-ups to complete fish tank breakdowns.

Our fish tank cleaning service is available everywhere that we currently offer routine aquarium maintenance. That includes much of East Lancashire, all of Rossendale, parts of West Yorkshire, and northernmost Greater Manchester.

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Aquarium Servicing

Where a fish tank is generally well-maintained, we recommend a full fish tank service every 12 months

We specialise in servicing aquariums of all shapes and sizes from the German brand, Juwel. We’re also proud to work with more than a dozen other brands’ aquariums. These brands include Aquael, Aqua One, biOrb, Ciano, Clearseal, D&D Aquarium Solution, Eheim, Fluval, Interpet, Oase, Red Sea, and TMC.

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Aquarium Design and Planning

When it comes to designing and planning a new fish tank, there’s plenty to consider. Having decided to set up an aquarium, location, size, freshwater or saltwater, stocking, lighting, filtration, pumps, skimmers, other equipment, and more are all important factors.

The good news is that whatever you’re looking for, Your Aquarium can help. Take the worry out of choosing the right equipment, fish, plants, and more by enlisting us to help plan your new aquarium.

We can provide sources for—and subsequently set up—everything required for a beautiful aquarium, whether in a home, a commercial space, or another environment entirely.

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Professional Aquascaping

Aquascaping is a lot like gardening. And while some revel in the gardening experience, not everyone does. It’s why so many people pay gardeners to tend to their lawns and other outdoor spaces. In much the same way, you can also enlist professional aquascaping help.

Your Aquarium works with over a dozen fantastic aquascaping-focused brands to source everything we need for ourselves and our clients. That’s in order to keep our tanks and yours—and their inhabitants—in the absolute best shape. From Tropica plants to Hugo Kamishi hardscape, these are brands that we trust time and time again to truly deliver when it comes to professional aquascaping.

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Aquarium Management

Let us take care of every aspect of your aquarium so that you don’t have to. We work with over a dozen fantastic aquarium brands to source everything ourselves and our clients need to keep everyone’s tanks and their inhabitants in the absolute best shape and health.

Our aquarium management solutions exist in tandem with our fish tank maintenance service. This means that we can offer beautiful fully serviced aquariums to clients across the board. Service packages are available for existing tanks as well as new ones. If you don’t already have an aquarium, we can help to arrange the installation of one for you.

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Aquarium Holiday Care

Like cats, dogs, and other furry friends, making arrangements for your pet fish before jetting off on holiday is essential. Whatever your set-up needs while you’re away, we can take care of it. We’re fully insured, too, for complete peace of mind.

As a fishkeeper, why not take the worry out of going on holiday? Furthermore, with Your Aquarium on hand, you can do so while simultaneously being assured that you’ll return feeling properly rested to a pristine, freshly maintained tank. It’s a win-win situation!

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Same-Day Water Testing

Routine water testing is a crucial part of maintaining any aquarium. All our aquarium maintenance visits start with at least a couple of the most important tests. These tests are vital in ensuring a balance is maintained week in and week out. It’s how we keep nitrates and phosphates in check, maintain stable KH, pH, and GH levels, and more.

At Your Aquarium, we’re also on hand to carry out fast, highly accurate water testing as a standalone service. Our same-day water testing service is offered to existing and new clients across Rossendale and surrounding areas, subject to availability.

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Livestock Sourcing

In addition to maintaining aquariums and keeping them looking beautiful, we also source and supply livestock for clients and their fish tanks. To do so, we work closely with some fantastic importers, wholesalers, professional breeders, and retailers.

As a result, we can track down most fish species, including unusual, rare, and seldom seen varieties. At the same time, we remain wholly committed to the ethical sourcing of livestock, including never supplying wild-caught examples of species deemed to be threatened in their natural habitats.

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Your Aquarium Blog

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