UK Public Aquarium Named One of Europe’s Best

Europe is home to various world-class zoos and aquariums. From countryside safaris to city zoos, Blooloop recently compiled a list of the top 17 such visitor attractions in the region. These world-class, conservation-focused organisations are all committed to educating and entertaining millions of visitors annually.

Public aquariums and zoos alike have advanced significantly in recent decades. Many now find themselves on the front line of the climate and biodiversity crisis affecting the world. Tackling this means engaging in in-situ and ex-situ conservation initiatives. These efforts were central in Blooloop naming its top public aquariums and zoos at the start of the year.

Additional weight was also placed on carrying out research projects and teaching visitors how their behaviour may adversely affect the environment. Furthermore, each is accredited by one or more regional or national zoo associations, ensuring adherence to strict standards. Many are also members of WAZA – the World Association of Zoos.

Several UK attractions made the list, including one dedicated public aquarium – The Deep. The Deep in Hull is an education and conservation charity and an international player in marine conservation. First opened just over 20 years ago, it houses sharks, turtles, penguins, and near-countless fish species. It’s also home to the UK’s only green sawfish. To date, the popular public aquarium has welcomed over 8.5 million visitors.

Alongside The Deep, zoos featuring aquarium exhibits, like Chester Zoo, also made the list. In A-Z order, the 17 zoos and public aquariums named by Blooloop as Europe’s best are:

  • Antwerp Zoo – Belgium
  • Barcelona Aquarium – Spain
  • Basel Zoo – Switzerland
  • Beauval Zoo – France
  • Berlin Zoo – Germany
  • Chester Zoo – UK
  • Dublin Zoo – Ireland
  • Edinburgh Zoo – UK
  • Lisbon Oceanarium – Portugal
  • National Aquarium Denmark – Denmark
  • Nausicaá – France
  • Poema del Mar – Spain
  • Prague Zoo – Czechia
  • Rotterdam Zoo – The Netherlands
  • Royal Burgers’ Zoo – The Netherlands
  • The Deep – UK
  • Vienna Zoo – Austria

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