Routine water testing is a crucial part of maintaining any aquarium. All our aquarium maintenance visits start with at least a couple of the most important tests. These tests are vital in ensuring a balance is maintained week in and week out. It’s how we keep nitrates and phosphates in check, maintain stable KH, pH, and GH levels, and more.

Failure to perform regular water testing can lead to dangerous pH swings, problem algae, and a toxic build-up of nitrate and other pollutants. They’re also crucial in diagnosing serious issues like a cycle crash. That’s why, when something doesn’t look quite right, immediate water testing should be any aquarium owner’s first port of call.

At Your Aquarium, we’re on hand to carry out fast, highly accurate water testing. Our same-day water testing is offered to both existing and new clients across Rossendale and in surrounding areas, subject to availability.

To book a same-day water test, call us on 01706 599325 or complete a quick quote request below, selecting ‘Water testing’ as the primary service required and making sure to include your postcode and telephone number. We’ll then call you straight back to make arrangements.

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    Why is same-day water testing so important?

    In the case of an ammonia or nitrite spike, time is of the essence. With that in mind, we’ll always check these and the other most important parameters as soon as we arrive. Where necessary, we’ll work with you to organise any remedial action there and then.

    More comprehensive water testing is also available – something that’s immensely useful in diagnosing the root of issues like problem algae and high or low pH levels. In this instance, we’ll take away your water sample to test more closely. You’ll then receive the in-depth results of our testing by email or phone before the end of the day.

    Highly accurate results

    We exclusively use professional testing equipment from the German brand JBL. Unlike cheaper options, JBL’s test solutions are highly accurate and give definitive readings every time. They also allow us to measure in massive detail, even accounting for things like tannins and other causes of discolouration in an aquarium’s water.

    Same-day water testing options

    Standard/emergency water test

    Our standard, same-day water testing designed to address emergency issues includes the following tests:

    • NH4 (ammonia)
    • NO2 (nitrite)
    • NO3 (nitrate)
    • pH (broad range)
    • KH (carbonate hardness)

    These all-important parameters will allow us to pinpoint (or rule out) the most critical potential issues in the majority of clients’ aquariums.

    Full/in-depth water test

    Our complete, more in-depth water testing features all of the tests included with our standard, same-day water testing, plus:

    • pH (narrow range)
    • GH (general hardness)
    • PO4 (phosphate)
    • SiO2 (silicate)
    • O2* (oxygen level)

    Depending on the type of aquarium, we’ll further test for things like iron and magnesium.

    Reef tanks

    S.G. (specific gravity)
    Mg (magnesium)
    Ca (calcium)
    Cu (copper)
    TDS (total dissolved solids)

    Planted tanks

    CO2* (carbon dioxide)
    K (potassium)
    Fe (iron)

    In all cases, we’ll also take an accurate temperature reading. This reading will allow us to address possible temperature issues by adjusting or calibrating clients’ thermometers and heating or cooling equipment.

    *On-site testing only.

    Local tap water testing

    In addition to taking aquarium water samples, a tap water sample may be requested as well. Testing this separate sample–the water likely used for your routine water changes–allows us to rule out any possible issues with your water as it comes out of the tap.