Alongside our fish tank cleaning and maintenance provisions, we also offer aquarium servicing. This stand-alone option is designed to meet the demand for a servicing-only solution.

Think of it like this…

Owning an aquarium is like owning a car. Regular servicing is a must for any vehicle, especially in its first few years of life. Later on, an annual service will then help to keep it performing to the best of its abilities for as long as possible.

While most of us are entirely capable of washing our cars and performing essential maintenance like oil top-ups, servicing is more specialised. Some motoring enthusiasts may wish to service their own vehicles once they’re out of warranty. However, it’s not something that most of us will ever tackle.

Aquarium servicing follows much the same principle. So, while you may be happy carrying out the necessary day-to-day maintenance your fish tank requires, it’s always worth calling in the experts for at least an annual service.

Annual aquarium service

Where an aquarium is generally well-maintained, we recommend a full fish tank service every 12 months. At the same time, we also offer interim and major services at shorter and longer intervals – such as 6 or 24 months.

What’s included?

Each aquarium service begins with a complimentary fish health check and basic water tests. From there, all equipment is inspected. That includes lights, timers, filters, pumps, and heaters. In saltwater aquariums, we’ll also check your skimmer, auto top-up, dosers, and more. Filters and pumps are cleaned, and bio media is rinsed in tank water to preserve beneficial bacteria.

Any consumables, such as filter floss and carbon, are replaced. We’ll also check the condition of easily worn-out parts like impellers and non-return valves. Where necessary, these will be replaced at cost. For items we don’t have in stock, these will be ordered and installed at a later date at no further charge.

Once we’re done, we’ll finish with a tank top-up plus an exterior polish, ensuring everything is clean and tidy before we leave.

What’s not included?

Pipework isn’t included in our standard aquarium servicing package. However, separate arrangements can be made to tackle this, if necessary.

Routine maintenance is also separate. If you’re looking for a water change, more comprehensive water tests, interior glass/acrylic cleaning, a substrate refresh, and a de-algae of hardscape/plants, you may wish to consider our fish tank overhaul proposition.

This proposition is a part of our aquarium cleaning service. It represents a top-to-bottom refresh of your aquarium and its contents, including a full service, as outlined left/above.

Juwel aquarium service specialists

We specialise in servicing aquariums of all shapes and sizes from the German brand, Juwel. That includes the patented Juwel filter system and lighting.

Juwel has now been around for over 50 years. Today, the brand is synonymous with quality and innovation in aquarium manufacturing, and continues to set new standards in design and technology. We’re on hand to service all current Juwel aquarium models, including:

  • Juwel Lido
  • Juwel Primo
  • Juwel Rio (pictured)
  • Juwel Trigon
  • Juwel Vision

We can also service older models, including the discontinued Juwel Rekord line-up.

Other brands

We’re also proud to work with more than a dozen other brands’ aquariums. These brands include Aquael, Aqua One, biOrb, Ciano, Clearseal, D&D Aquarium Solution, Eheim, Fluval, Interpet, Oase, Red Sea, and Tropical Marine Centre.

Fish tank servicing from Your Aquarium is available in the following areas: