Taking care of every aspect of your aquarium so that you don’t have to

Your Aquarium works with over a dozen fantastic brands to source everything we need for ourselves and our clients. That’s in order to keep our tanks and yours—and their inhabitants—in the absolute best shape.

Aquarium management plans

With an aquarium management plan from Your Aquarium, we provide all of the crucial supplies that your tank needs on a weekly or monthly basis. Offered alongside our aquarium maintenance solutions, all that’s left for clients to do is feed and perform straightforward wellness checks between our visits.

It couldn’t be simpler. Call or send us a message to find out more.

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    Fully serviced aquariums

    Our aquarium management solutions exist in tandem with our fish tank maintenance service. This means that we can offer beautiful, fully serviced aquariums to clients across the board. Service packages are available for existing tanks as well as new ones. If you don’t already have an aquarium, we can make arrangements to have one installed for you.

    Your Aquarium doesn’t rent or lease fish tanks. Instead, we work exclusively with people and businesses who own or aspire to own their aquariums outright. We don’t believe that fish are a commodity that should be leased or rented. Furthermore, fish tanks aren’t designed to be repeatedly moved, which is precisely what happens with rented and leased aquariums.

    We recommend opting instead for a professionally installed, fully serviced aquarium that’s yours to keep. Benefits of fully serviced aquariums from ourselves include:

    • Zero upkeep required
    • Arrangement of professional, fuss-free installation
    • Unlimited choice of aquarium styles and designs
    • Brand-new tanks with full manufacturer warranties
    • The option to select your own livestock
    • All consumables replenished as necessary
    • Top-quality equipment and supplies
    • Regularly scheduled maintenance
    • Friendly, professional service

    Fully serviced aquariums are perfect for residential and commercial environments alike. They’re also the ideal solution for GP surgeries, dental clinics, nursing homes and residential care facilities, barber shops and hairdressers, fitness centres, gyms, schools, and more.

    As hands-on or hands-off as you like

    From start to finish, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like. Most of our fully serviced aquarium clients enjoy feeding their fish once or twice a day. However, even that isn’t necessary. Where preferred, we can fit an automatic feeder, which we’ll top up when we visit.

    We’ll also automate your lighting and, where required, install dosing pumps – vital for the upkeep of fully serviced reef tanks, high-tech planted aquariums, and other more specialised set-ups. Keen to find out more? Contact us today for a no-obligation quote or to discuss your requirements in more detail.