Expert fish tank maintenance and cleaning services in Burnley and Pendle

Most of our team were born and bred in Burnley and nearby towns and villages. Years later, we’re proud to continue to serve the local area, covering all of Burnley, including Brunshaw, Burnley Wood, Gannow, Harle Syke, Ightenhill, Rose Grove, and Rose Hill.

That’s along with neighbouring Barrowford, Brierfield, Colne, Nelson, and Padiham. To find out what we can do for you and your fish tank in Burnley, check out our aquarium maintenance page or read on for more information about our services in Burnley specifically.

Burnley’s premier mobile fish tank cleaners

As a mobile service, we bring all you need to your door. The same applies to both homes and businesses where no job is ever too big or too small. We’re here to help with every aspect of aquarium upkeep, from all-important routine water changes and testing to one-off deep cleans, complete overhauls, and more.

Our years of experience with freshwater, saltwater, and brackish aquariums mean that we’re uniquely positioned to offer an expert service catering to fish tanks across the board. Our tried-and-tested methods also ensure the minimum of fuss.

That includes bringing everything we need with us, from barrels and hoses to water conditioner and the best test kits on the market. Often working within people’s homes and businesses, we place a particular focus on our clients’ privacy.

With that, our confidentiality-focused service offers complete discretion. We’re fully insured, too, for added peace of mind.

Here’s what some of our local clients are saying about us

Aron Hendrickson
Aron Hendrickson
4 June 2023
I recently spoke to Matt at Your Aquarium just before closing for 30 minutes to ask for help with ammonia spikes and the loss of fish in my aquarium. I was slightly out of the area served, but Matt was still happy to help. He went through everything step by step and worked out the cause for the ammonia spikes. He gave me the correct guidance and said to let him know in a week's time to see how the ammonia levels are and how the fish are doing. He was also happy to visit to look into it when they are closer to us on another job on the day if the situation isn't resolved. I was very impressed with Matt's knowledge, expertise, and willingness to help. He went above and beyond what I expected, and I am very grateful for his assistance. I would highly recommend Your Aquarium to anyone who is looking for aquarium advice or service. Here are some of the things that I liked about my experience: Matt was very knowledgeable about aquariums and fishkeeping. He was patient and took the time to answer all of my questions. He was willing to help me troubleshoot the problem with my aquarium. He was friendly and professional. Overall, I had a great experience with Your Aquarium. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for aquarium advice or service.
Carole Anne Haworth
Carole Anne Haworth
26 May 2023
Punctual ⭐️ Professional ⭐️ Thorough ⭐️ Tidy ⭐️ 100 per cent fish experts ⭐️ Five stars all day long from me 🙋‍♀️ And my fish! 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟
sharon mckay
sharon mckay
20 March 2023
Truly delighted with the service we have received. Last year our family bought a house with a large aquarium left by the seller (agreed) and the maintenance quickly became a significant chore for us despite having kept fish before only in smaller aquariums. My spouse wanted to get rid of the tank it was becoming such a problem but I’m so pleased that we didn’t because it is enjoyed by our young daughter. After struggling for six months we called in reinforcements and I’m so glad we did. The aquarium and the fish now look a million dollars. For two out of practice former fish owners (definitely not experts) suddenly in charge of a surprisingly large tank twice the volume we were told by the old owner it turns out having some professional assistance was precisely what we needed to get us on the right path. Highly recommended.
Michelle Pierce
Michelle Pierce
19 March 2023
My partner and I have both kept fish before but with work and other commitments our present tank had become an issue. Despite regular attempts at cleaning, the tank would begin to look dirty and the water cloudy within a few days of attending to it. We could not figure out why and almost gave up. My partner was reluctant to rehome the fish not least because our daughter who has complex needs is attached to one of the small catfish in the tank and suggested that we call in some expert help instead. The service we have received from Your Aquarium has been exceptional. Our fish tank was promptly and professionally cleaned and serviced for us and immediately looked better than ever, including when we took over caring for it from its previous owner. The following day it looked better still, crystal clear water like the fish were floating. We were informed in detail about how to keep it looking good and told to call, text or email if we had any questions going forward. We have not needed to but it is hugely reassuring to know that we can. Now two weeks later, the tank still looks brilliant and we have done a water change today as instructed. Once it needs any further attention, we will definitely be back in touch. I also want to extend my most sincere thanks to you on my behalf and on behalf of my partner and our daughter. My partner and I were so touched by how accepting you were of our daughter’s unique needs and how you made such an effort to help make her feel involved in what you were doing while you were here. It really brightened her day and she has since taken renewed interest in all of the fish in the tank. If I could give you more than five stars, I would. Best wishes, Michelle, Sharon and Rosie McKay-Pierce
William John
William John
17 February 2023
Sue Highfields
Sue Highfields
16 February 2023
Extremely professional service, great to have a specialist fish tank cleaning and aquarium maintenance company like this in Rossendale.
Charlie Whewell
Charlie Whewell
9 February 2023
Top drawer keep my fish tanks in my studio and at home looking Bobby dazzler 😎
Rx Consulting
Rx Consulting
25 January 2023
Best in the business - fish tank gurus!
Matilda “Mattie” Hall
Matilda “Mattie” Hall
10 January 2023
Called for help with my little boy’s new fish tank yesterday. Thank you for generously and patiently putting my mind at ease. I’m extremely grateful for all of the wonderful advice that you gave me and I’m sure our fish will be too now that I know what I’m doing. 😅

Burnley, Lancashire

Situated in East Lancashire, Burnley is a large town and the heart of the wider Borough of Burnley. The town is just over 20 miles north of Manchester and the same distance east of Preston. It exists at the confluence of two major local rivers – the River Calder and the River Brun. It’s also the home of Burnley Football Club.

Around 20 minutes from Blackburn, Burnley is largely surrounded by countryside, especially to the south and east. Meanwhile, the towns of Padiham and Brierfield lie directly to the west and north, respectively. One of the largest towns in Lancashire, Burnley has a long-held reputation as a hub for manufacturing and aerospace.

The town’s history dates back to medieval times. Originally made up of a number of small farming hamlets and larger manor houses, the area was predominantly covered by forest. There’s been a market in Burnley for over 700 years, with the current market hall’s history dating back as far as 1294.

Today, the market is home to various local independent businesses selling everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to gadgets and beauty treatments. Elsewhere, services on offer range from picture framing to watch repairs.

Just minutes from the market, Burnley is also home to one of the area’s longest-established local fish shops, Waterlife and Pets. Waterlife and Pets was originally situated at the top of Standish Street, just north of the town centre.

Located on Standish Street for decades, the shop moved to larger premises on neighbouring Curzon Street in 2000. Over 20 years later and roughly 70 years since it first opened on Standish Street, Waterlife and Pets’ large Curzon Street shop remains a popular source of coldwater and tropical freshwater fish.

During the Industrial Revolution, Burnley was one of the north of England’s most prominent mill towns. At its peak, Burnley was among the largest producers of cotton cloth not just in the country but anywhere in the world. Fast-forward to today, and the town retains a healthy manufacturing sector, albeit not as a cotton producer.

Either way, strong economic links with nearby cities—including Leeds and Manchester—and neighbouring towns along the M65 motorway continue to see Burnley prosper in many areas. In recognition of its prosperity, Burnley received an Enterprising Britain award from the UK Government in 2013, naming it the most enterprising place in the UK.

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While fish tank maintenance is our bread and butter, we also offer various other services, each designed to make owning a fish tank as easy as possible. Our full roster of services is available to clients both new and existing, including:

  • Families and individuals
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  • Businesses of all shapes and sizes
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