10 Benefits of Setting up a Home Aquarium in 2023

Home aquariums have been popular worldwide for decades and even hundreds of years in some cases. However, they’re now more in demand than ever. That’s true among both keen fishy pet owners and those interested in the home décor aspect of installing an aquarium. Either way, setting up a fish tank in your home in 2023 can provide several benefits for you and your family.

To demonstrate, we’ve compiled a list of just ten of the many benefits of setting up a home aquarium this year.

1. Aquariums Promote a Tranquil Atmosphere

Home aquariums provide a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere in your living space. Vibrant fish, lush plants, carefully selected décor, and more all combine to create a peaceful atmosphere that can be a great source of relaxation and calm.

2. Aquariums Offer an Escape From Everyday Stress

The presence of an aquarium can also serve as a reminder to take time out of the day to sit and appreciate the beauty of nature and life. As a result, they offer a great escape from the everyday stress and noise of the outside world.

3. Aquariums Can Massively Benefit Your Health

A home aquarium can even be beneficial to the physical health of you and your family. Studies have shown that watching fish swim can lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels. The presence of aquariums in homes also provides a source of mental stimulation, especially for younger children and the elderly.

4. Aquariums Create Educational Opportunities

It’s easy to overlook the simple fact that a home aquarium can be hugely educational, especially for kids! Watching and observing the behaviour of the fish can be a great way to teach children about biology, ecology, and oceanography. It can also teach responsible pet ownership and the importance of caring for animals and the wider environment.

5. Aquariums Are a Great Talking Point

Aquariums are a great talking point! It’s one of the reasons that they’re so popular in schools, hospitals, offices, and more. In the home, they offer a unique and engaging conversation starter for visitors and are a great way to get people talking. That includes discussions about different species of fish, as well as the benefits of having a home aquarium in the first place!

6. Fish Are Less Costly Than Other Pets

As much as we love cats, dogs, and other pets, they’re all typically way more expensive to care for than fish in an aquarium. While setting up a large aquarium can be costly at the outset, smaller, all-in-one tanks and equipment are available for less than £100. However, it’s in the longer term that fish really come into their own.

Food and other supplies are generally extremely affordable. And because your fish are unlikely to require costly veterinary attention, there’s no need to worry about insurance coverage and the possibility of enormous vet bills down the road!

7. A Built-in Aquarium Can Increase Your Home’s Value

A built-in aquarium can increase a home’s value if it’s done correctly and adds to the overall aesthetic of the property. It can also add a unique element to the home that potential buyers may be interested in should you look to sell in the future.

8. All of the Perks With None of the Maintenance

People may be put off the idea of an aquarium by the thought of the necessary maintenance. However, maintenance needn’t be a chore when you can call in the experts. Our fish tank maintenance service is a great way to enjoy an aquarium without ever having to get your hands wet!

9. No Allergy Worries

Fish aren’t just less costly to care for than cats, dogs, rabbits, and other pets – they’re also far, far less likely to affect those with allergies! Almost without exception, a clean, well-maintained aquarium should have no impact on any aspect of a person’s health, even if they’re a major allergy sufferer!

10. Modern Aquariums Are More Energy-Efficient Than Ever

With energy costs at an all-time high, you may be concerned about fish tank running costs. For the most part, there’s little need to worry. Modern aquarium lighting, filters, and other equipment are all highly energy efficient.

Arguably the most costly aspect of the majority of aquariums in terms of running costs is the heater. However, if your home is kept warm, a heater will only need to run occasionally, meaning that it’s not on constantly and, therefore, doesn’t cost much to run. Alternatively, you can opt for a coldwater or temperate fish tank (you can see six of our favourite temperate fish species below!), entirely without the need for a heater!


Overall, a home aquarium can provide a veritable array of benefits for almost any home and its inhabitants in 2023. Affordable, educational, helping to promote a tranquil atmosphere, and boosting physical and mental health, it’s no wonder that beautiful fish tanks have become such a much-loved way to enrich our homes and lives!

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