Flagship Public Aquarium Kicks off 2024 in Fine Form

London’s famous Sea Life aquarium has started 2024 in fine form with its annual clean and count.

  • Sea Life London is performing its annual tradition.
  • Annual count and clean marks each new year.
  • Staff count and measure over 6,000 animals.

This week, aquarists at London’s famous Sea Life aquarium on the South Bank of the River Thames are cleaning the iconic visitor attraction’s exhibits and counting their inhabitants. With wet suits on, measuring tapes in hand, and clipboards at the ready, the Central London-based public aquarium’s annual clean and count happens every January.

From common clownfish to Antarctic penguins, every critter will see its habitat cleaned and tidied. That includes tackling vast water changes, equipping industrial-scale gravel cleaners, and much, much more. Every creature, from the smallest to the largest, is also individually accounted for. Those that can be are measured, too, as a part of the epic annual undertaking.

Despite the hard work in store this week, aquarium staff all report enjoying their annual clean and count. That’s not least because it often reveals new arrivals in the shape of any offspring secretly born or spawned in the previous 12 months!

The same record-keeping efforts are also fundamental in the flagship Sea Life aquarium’s participation in international breeding and conservation efforts alongside other Sea Life attractions globally.