Santa Makes Christmas Day Visit to Lancashire Aquarium

Inhabitants of Blackpool’s Sea Life aquarium have enjoyed a Christmas Day visit from Santa Claus himself.

  • Santa Claus visited Sea Life Blackpool today.
  • Santa is the venue’s head aquarist, Scott Blacker.
  • Today marks Scott’s 16th Christmas Day as Santa.

Sea Life Blackpool’s many inhabitants have enjoyed their annual visit from Father Christmas today. The Lancashire aquarium’s head aquarist, Scott Blacker, donned his Santa suit for a special day at the popular local visitor attraction. This year represents Scott’s 16th year playing Santa, checking in on the aquarium while it’s closed for Christmas Day.

Lancashire’s only public aquarium closes for just one day each year – December 25th. With neither visitors nor other staff around, Scott has stepped up and tended to the aquarium’s sea creatures every Christmas Day for over a decade and a half. This year, Scott—or rather, Santa Claus—even spent Christmas Eve at the aquarium, ready for a bright and early start this morning.

Thankfully for Sea Life Blackpool’s head aquarist, he hasn’t been alone today. That’s as Dale Smith, another member of the aquarium’s dedicated team, has joined Scott as one of Santa’s little helpers. Dale headed to the aquarium on Blackpool’s famous promenade for 9am sharp, ready to serve breakfast to its thousands of inhabitants.

Christmas or not, daily attention is a must for the long-standing Sea Life aquarium on Blackpool’s prom. Maintaining a routine is vital for many of the fish and other creatures that call the popular public attraction home. Furthermore, fish like Sea Life’s seahorses require regular feeding throughout the day, and December 25th is no exception.

Santa and one hard-working elf, in the shape of Scott and Dale, will also tackle the necessary water tests, habitat inspections, equipment maintenance, and more while the rest of Sea Life Blackpool’s staff enjoy a well-earned day off. The pair will take a break around lunchtime to enjoy Christmas dinner with their families before returning to the aquarium later today.

Sea Life Blackpool will be back open to visitors tomorrow. Happy Christmas!