Blagdon Launches Insect-Based Pond Fish Food

Blagdon Fit & Wild Pond Sticks

Interpet has launched a new recipe food for pond fish under the Blagdon brand made from insects and small crustaceans. Blagdon Fit & Wild Pond Sticks are fishmeal-free and contain protein sources closer to what pond-type fish would eat in the wild, including mealworms, daphnia, bloodworms, and black soldier fly larvae.

Adrian Exell, marketing manager at Interpet, maintains that the new product is better for fish and better for the environment, too. He recently explained to Pet Business World that fishmeal is traditionally one of the main ingredients of pond fish foods. Mostly made of small oily fish, these are often unsustainably harvested from the sea.

Millions of tonnes of these fish are taken from the wild annually, adding significantly to wider overfishing issues that continue to face the planet. Feeding hungry pond fish an insect-based food is therefore not only kinder to the oceans but also far closer to their natural diet, according to Interpet’s marketing manager.

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