Check Out This Awesome Tiny House (Complete With Aquarium!)

Tiny houses have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They offer a unique, minimalistic lifestyle that appeals to people looking to downsize or wanting to live in an environmentally-friendly manner. Tiny houses are incredibly versatile and customizable, allowing owners to design their living spaces and make them exactly as they wish.

The appeal of tiny houses is obvious: they can be built quickly, are relatively inexpensive, and can be taken on the go. Tiny houses can be used as primary residences, holiday homes, or rental properties. They are also gaining in popularity as a direct way to reduce costs and simplify life.

One thing that the tiny-house movement doesn’t necessarily lend itself too well to is pets. That’s especially true when it comes to aquariums. However, that hasn’t stopped one tiny-home-dwelling couple… saltwater aquarium and huge American Akita included!

See more in the following video, Buyer Beware! They LOVE their Sweet Tiny House despite BIG water leak. (Don’t worry, the water leak was unconnected to their fish tank!)

“Meet Maddy & Alec, a young couple living in a 26 ft tiny house on wheels near Seattle. Their small space decor is beautiful with quirky flair. 2 years in, they discovered a major water leak problem due to incorrectly installed flashing + no caulking. It’s now fixed after a winding unexpected back & forth with their tiny house builder. Fortunately, they received compensation for the materials needed for their tiny home repairs.”

Tiny House + Aquarium? No Problem!

The minimalistic lifestyle of living in a tiny house is attractive to people who want to focus on experiences and relationships rather than stuff. Accordingly, tiny houses are a great way to reduce clutter and have more control over your living space. Yet, that needn’t mean sacrificing things important to you, like an aquarium… or even a giant dog, as the above video demonstrates.

While a fish tank may be at odds with the portable or semi-portable aspect of tiny house life, packing up and moving a small aquarium should be manageable enough. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be moving it every week, but the prospect of transporting it once in a while shouldn’t present too much of a headache, especially with a bit of practice!