Flying Nemo: TikToker’s Clownfish Has a Movie Moment

In a manoeuvre worthy of movie stardom, a TikTok user’s 13-year-old clownfish emulated a famous Finding Nemo scene as she was livestreaming.

Demonstrating that age is just a number, Wales-based TikTok user @amydoessomestuff‘s teenage clownfish, Nana, took a leap of faith as her owner was performing a spot of fish tank maintenance. At the time of writing, the clip has been viewed almost 10 million times.

Incredibly, there are reports of pet clownfish living for 39 years or more when properly cared for. With that, newly turned teenager Nana is likely still in her prime. Here’s the moment Nana pulled a Finding Nemo-esque escape attempt late last month:

@amydoessomestuff There’s so many audios that could go with this 😂 #nanatheclownfish ♬ original sound – phunkycharms101

Further proving the importance of a tight-fitting lid, covers are vital for almost all fish tanks. They keep in the warmth and prevent evaporation and the escape of moisture more generally. Most importantly, though, they stop fish from jumping out.

Broadly speaking, saltwater species are more likely to take a leap of faith. However, most freshwater fish can and will jump if spooked. Species like hatchet and butterfly fish will also jump without provocation, calling for a lid at all times as a result.

Thankfully, TikToker Amy’s clownfish Nana survived her escape attempt from her TMC Next Wave 60 aquarium unscathed. With almost half a million followers, Amy is perhaps best known for recording herself putting hats on sea urchins. She also chronicles various other aspects of her fishkeeping journey, including regular fish tank maintenance.