Free Hikari® Bundle Worth £30 for New Clients in September

Take out a new aquarium maintenance plan this month and get £30 worth of fantastic Hikari® fish food on us!

  • Includes Hikari® Vibra Bites, Micro Pellets, and more.
  • Featuring four of our favourite Hikari® fish food products.
  • Offer valid until the end of September.

As a thank you to new customers taking out fish tank maintenance plans this month, we’re giving away some fantastic top-quality food bundles from our friends at Hikari®.

This limited-time offer includes Hikari® Micro Pellets (80g), Hikari® Vibra Bites (73g), Hikari® Mini Algae Wafers (85g), and Hikari® Cichlid Gold Mini Floating Pellets (57g). It’s a carefully considered bundle of our favourite Hikari® products, encompassing different food types designed to suit the majority of the most commonly kept freshwater tropical aquarium fish.

For anyone keeping less common or more specialist species, we’ll tailor a bundle to the individual needs of your fish. That includes the likes of Hikari®’s Discus Bio-Gold, Massivore Delite super-sized bottom-feeding carnivore diet, and high-end Saki-Hikari® fancy goldfish food.

Free Hikari® Fish Food Offer

Our free Hikari® fish food worth £30 offer is open exclusively to first-time Your Aquarium customers taking out new fish tank maintenance plans in September. Offer ends at 23:59 on Saturday, September 30th, 2023. Full terms and conditions are available on request.

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