Here’s How Much Maintenance a Fish Tank Needs

How much maintenance a fish tank needs depends on several important factors. Tank size, stocking density, filtration, planting, and even lighting all play a part in determining how much maintenance is needed. So, how much care does a typical fish tank require?

Most fish tanks need at least an hour or two of maintenance either weekly or fortnightly.

Time should be put aside for water changes, vacuuming the substrate, cleaning the inside glass, and emptying filters. It’s also essential to carry out any necessary water tests.

Putting an hour or two aside also provides an opportunity to visually inspect a tank’s inhabitants and equipment like pumps, heaters, and lights. Heavily stocked tanks are likely to need more attention. The same goes for planted aquariums, where careful pruning is often required to keep them looking their best.

All tanks will also benefit from periodic deeper cleaning of things like lids, covers, pipework, decor, and artificial plants. Remember, routine maintenance comes in addition to daily feeding and general health checks. Aquarium owners should perform these steps at least once or twice per day.

Of course, smaller tanks will generally take less time to clean and maintain. Meanwhile, more time should be allowed for significantly larger tanks. More specialised set-ups also tend to require considerably more maintenance. Saltwater reef tanks are a classic example. However, the same also goes for aquariums housing more delicate freshwater species like discus.

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