Inside Leading Aquarium Plant Producer Tropica

Tropica have said it themselves: Nobody expects to find the world’s leading producer of tropical aquarium plants in Denmark. Not unlike the UK, Denmark’s weather is typically cold and windy. With that, it’s a world away from the rainforests and other tropical locations from which most of our favourite aquarium plants originate. That includes crystal-clear springs in South America and murky, muddy ponds in Southeast Asia.

The world’s leading producer of tropical aquarium plants, Tropica has been based at its current nursery since 2007. The company moved to the Danish suburban district of Egå near Aarhus after more than 35 years at its original location. Founded by Danishman Holger Windeløv in 1970, Tropica’s founder gives his name to one of the brand’s most iconic aquarium plants – the patented Java fern variety, Microsorum pteropus ‘Windeløv’.

A massive milestone

Tropica’s move to Egå 15 years ago marked a massive milestone for the company. Investing heavily in its then-all-new facility, the nursery is located on a plot covering over 10,000 square metres. The electronically monitored plant-growing site, which also boasts its own biotechnology laboratory, starkly contrasts the company’s modest beginnings at the start of the 1970s.

Yet throughout its life, the company has always existed with an understanding and respect that plants are living organisms. Holger Windeløv and Tropica’s team today follow the same approach that the company did over 50 years ago. It’s an approach that appreciates the simple fact that plants thrive best when lavished with the utmost care and attention.

Millions of plants in over 130 varieties

Fifty-two years since its inception, Tropica now cultivates more than five million aquarium plants in over 130 varieties annually. Exported internationally, Tropica is a go-to brand among aquarium plant enthusiasts worldwide.

At its Danish Egå-based nursery, Tropica’s team uses the latest computer-controlled cultivation techniques to ensure optimum nutrition and growth conditions. These techniques are backed by systematic research and comprehensive biotechnological knowledge that’s undoubtedly the envy of other aquarium plant producers across the globe.

Of course, Tropica is the first to admit that these techniques and research-backed approaches are crucial. However, at the same time, Tropica also credits its team’s heartfelt, genuine interest in its product for much of the underlying success of its aquarium plants and the ever-impressive Tropica brand itself.

That’s why, Tropica says, its plants are recognised everywhere as among the most beautiful, healthy, and robust aquarium plants on the market.

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