Inside the West Country Farm Using Fish Poop to Grow Food

A Somerset aquaponics farm, where the water and waste from fish are used to grow crops, is encouraging people to be more self-sustainable. Bioaqua Farm in Blackford, near Wedmore, keeps a combination of both rainbow trout and familiar ornamental species.

While the trout are raised for the plate, Bioaqua Farm’s ornamental fish contribute solely to its aquaponics endeavours. Here, their poop—and that from their trout neighbours—is relied upon to grow crops, including carrots, herbs, peppers, and pumpkins.

“We have a band of nutrients that come out of the water in the form of fish waste. The bacteria, which is healthy bacteria, transforms into healthy plant food, and the plants are uptaking that, allowing nothing back,” Bioaqua Farm co-owner Antonio Paladino told ITV News West Country. “So, we can basically have two crops out of the same system.”

Bioaqua Farm today concludes its participation in the annual Somerset Food Trail. The event celebrates sustainable food production and raises awareness of how much Somerset’s local producers have to offer. The goal is to open people’s eyes to the richness of what’s available on their doorsteps.

Somerset Food Trail kicked off on Friday the 15th of July before wrapping up today, nine days later, on Sunday the 24th.