New Grey Finish Option Now Available for Juwel Aquariums

Grey is the new black: Juwel aquariums are now available in a premium pewter-like finish.

  • German aquarium maker Juwel has introduced new grey cabinetry.
  • The premium pewter-like finish is stylish and sophisticated.
  • Grey replaces the existing dark wood finish for certain models.

We’re big fans of Juwel’s aquariums. However, when selecting a cabinet finish, choices have always been limited. For a long time, buyers have been confined strictly to black, white, and a duo of wood finishes. These wood finishes are a beech-like lighter option and a more walnut or mahogany adjacent shade of darker wood.

The latter two wood finishes have always been limited to larger aquariums. Meanwhile, some of the brand’s smaller, more affordable tanks and stands have only ever been available in black. Furthermore, more recently, Juwel’s attractive darker wood finish seems to have disappeared as an option for many newly ordered tanks.

Only Rio models remain available to order in this colour. That’s a shame, as Juwel’s Lido tanks, in particular, have always looked great in the darker, quite traditional walnut-like wood finish. At the same time, it’s not all bad news. That’s because there’s a new colour available to order – grey.

Get Ready to Go Grey: Juwel Launches New Pewter Colour Option

Juwel first showed off its planned new grey colour in mid-2022. We first glimpsed the new shade in an early copy of the 2023 Juwel brochure as far back as June or July last year. The first grey Juwel aquariums started arriving in local fish shops in December, but that was only selected models in smaller sizes.

Grey Rio 350s and 450s had not been slated to arrive until roughly 18 months later, starting March 2024 – still 11 months away. However, fast-forward just nine months or so since our first glimpse and buyers, effective today, can now order every Juwel Lido and Rio model in the all-new pewter-like grey colour option for imminent delivery.

Of course, there’s no escaping the fact that Juwel is slightly late to the party when it comes to the trend for grey finishes in home and office decor. Even within the aquarium sector, brands like Nyos and Ciano have been selling grey and similarly coloured cabinets for a while now.

In Nyos’s case, that’s their basalt dark grey finish. Ciano, meanwhile, really impressed us with their concrete-like ‘Mystic’ colour option when it launched. Mystic is, admittedly, a decidedly more greige option – a perhaps slightly divisive blend of grey and beige. Questions of taste aside, it’s a welcome change from black and white, if nothing else.

Many brands, like Red Sea, continue to stick firmly with black and white only. So, Juwel and other manufacturers providing even a small number of alternatives will always be welcome in our eyes.

Experience Juwel Aquariums in a Sophisticated New Grey Finish

Juwel’s new finish is a decidedly premium-feeling medium grey colour. Given the popularity of grey interiors over the last few years, it’ll likely appeal to those who have already jumped on the bandwagon and now want a fish tank to match.

We might argue that it’s likely to be less timeless than the now seemingly endangered dark wood finish. Either way, 120-litre and 200-litre grey Juwel Lido (pictured above) and 125-litre, 180-litre, 240-litre, 350-litre, and 450-litre grey Juwel Rio aquariums alike are all now available to order for near-immediate delivery.

All sizes of the Rio model are still available in Juwel’s dark wood finish, too. There’s no grey option for Vision bow-fronted or Trigon corner aquariums, at least for now. These remain available exclusively in black, white, and light wood only.

Find out more at Juwel Aquarium UK.