Shoal Seeks Local Fish Shops for New Fundraising Effort

Conservation organisation Shoal is looking for local fish shops, aquarium retailers, and a corporate sponsor for its latest fundraising campaign.

  • Shoal Conservation works to preserve freshwater fish species worldwide.
  • The organisation needs retailers to help promote a new fundraising campaign.
  • Forward-thinking retailers and one corporate sponsor sought.

Conservation organisation Shoal exists to engage the public and other organisations alike to educate on, escalate, and accelerate efforts to save the world’s most threatened freshwater fish species.

The organisation operates alongside Synchronicity Earth in the UK and Re:wild in the USA. Synchronicity Earth and Re:wild provide the framework Shoal exists upon and are responsible for governing and overseeing its vital work.

Now, Shoal is looking for partners from the aquarium trade alongside whom to establish a new fundraising pilot. The pilot involves selling collectable enamel pin badges of some of the aquarium hobby’s most popular freshwater fish species.

The plan is to offer high-quality and beautifully designed badges through predominantly local fish shops for a minimum donation of £3.

Also sought is a corporate partner to sponsor the campaign. This sponsorship would help finance the campaign’s launch, dedicated to protecting and preventing the extinction of some of the most threatened freshwater fish on the planet.

From the outset, the campaign will raise money for Central London-headquartered Shoal’s SOS: Support our Shoal campaign. The conservation organisation’s SOS: Support our Shoal campaign focuses on helping the endangered red-line torpedo barb (Sahyadria denisonii), also commonly known as denison barbs or roseline sharks, in their native Southern India.

Interested parties can email to find out more.