Channel 4 to Feature a Huge Fish Tank Taking up ‘Half a House’

A new Channel 4 show will visit a home whose owner allegedly gave up half of his house to a massive aquarium.

There’s never been a shortage of property and interior programmes on Channel 4. That includes everything from Property Ladder and Location, Location, Location to the recent return of Changing Rooms. And it’s Changing Rooms’ designer and now-host Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen who will front a new show on the channel called Outrageous Homes.

In the brand-new, four-part series, Outrageous Homes host Laurence will visit a series of properties lived in by some of the country’s most eccentric homeowners. And the most outrageous home on Outrageous Homes? According to Llewelyn-Bowen, that title goes to a property owned by a gentleman who has “given up half of his house to a fish tank”.

It remains to be seen whether the Changing Rooms and, now, Outrageous Homes star is speaking figuratively or literally. Of course, there’s no shortage of enormous home aquariums up and down the country. Earlier this year, we wrote about how the owner of reportedly the UK’s biggest domestic fish tank was challenging anyone else to build a bigger one.

Furthermore, there’s every chance that flamboyant Changing Rooms frontman LLB is also talking about the same fish tank. All we know about the Outrageous Homes aquarium is that it belongs to a man from Nottingham. As, coincidentally, does the gigantic 14′ long, 12′ 8″ wide, 7′ deep fish tank mentioned above.

That said, the whopping, roughly 22,000-litre capacity fish tank that claims to be the UK’s biggest home aquarium is located squarely in its owner’s cellar. It doesn’t, therefore, necessarily take up half of his house… so, the plot thickens.

Although filming on Outrageous Homes seems to have wrapped, the new Channel 4 property show won’t air until next year. So, we’ve got at least a few months to wait to see just how outrageous the home and aquarium in question are. Only time, it seems, will tell!

In the meantime, do you know the house or homeowner in question? If so, please let us know so we can find out more!