Fishkeeping News Round-Up: November 2023

It’s been a busy month for fishkeeping news and stories. From a closer look at Florida’s tropical aquarium fish farming industry to ‘Secrets of the Aquarium’ starting on BBC2 and a £7,900 deep-water anthias turning up in the trade, below is a closer look at 15 of our favourite fishkeeping-focused news stories from November.

One of Florida’s Top Exports? Aquarium Fish (Nov. 1)
For decades, Florida has led the U.S. in farming tropical fish. Now it faces pressure from development and competition from other countries.

How the Goldfish Became Everyone’s First Pet (Nov. 3)
Goldfish have long been treated like the pet rocks of the animal world. But the fish actually require more care than people realize.

Fish Travel in Style on Train as Man Keeps Tank’s Air Filter Going (Nov. 3)
Odd scene on train captivates fellow train passenger.

See Inside $12.6 Million US Home With 900-Gallon Reef Aquarium (Nov. 4)
A home for sale in the United States features a five-stop elevator, a wine room holding up to 1,000 bottles, and a 900-gallon live reef saltwater aquarium.

New Directors Join OATA Board (Nov. 7)
Five new directors were welcomed to the OATA Board at the trade association’s Annual General Meeting which was held on 1 November.

Outrage as Bagged Baby Goldfish ‘Tossed Into Sea’ Washes up on North Wales Beach (Nov. 7)
The local community rallied around to offer a home – but there was anger at the thought the fish may have been an unwanted funfair prize.

Goldfish as Prizes at Rhyl Fireworks Display Sparks Debate (Nov. 8)
There’s been outrage and “disgust” after goldfish were given out as prizes at a firework display and one was later found on a beach in its plastic bag.

The Green Planet Dubai Achieves EAZA Membership (Nov. 9)
Green Planet Dubai, the Middle East’s largest and only indoor tropical rainforest located, is proud to announce it has become a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria.

‘Secrets of the Aquarium’ Starts Tonight on BBC2 (Nov. 14)
The new TV documentary series ‘Secrets of the Aquarium’ begins airing this evening on BBC2.

Throwback Photo Has Edinburgh Locals Recalling Much-Missed Museum Fish Ponds (Nov. 14)
The throwback photo has brought memories of the National Museum of Scotland’s legendary goldfish ponds flooding back for locals – but not everyone says they miss the water features.

Robotics ‘Revives’ a Long-Extinct Starfish Ancestor (Nov. 16)
Engineers and paleontologists teamed up to reconstruct an ancestor of starfish from the Paleozoic era and figure out how it moved.

Human’s Trio of Agri Technologies Brim With Solutions (Nov. 16)
Henning Human is leading the way by utilizing aquaponics, aquaculture, and hydroponics technologies as he strives to create a more sustainable future.

Rare Loggerhead Sea Turtle Swept Onto Cornish Beach by ‘Stormy Weather’ (Nov. 17)
A rare loggerhead sea turtle has been swept ashore in Cornwall by the recent storms.

Odontanthias Unimaculatus Is a $10,000 Deepwater Anthias (Nov. 20)
NY Aquatic is currently caring for a deepwater Odontanthias unimaculatus that is one of only a few that have ever entered the United States.

Zebra Shark Breeding Hope at Weymouth Sealife Centre (Nov. 22)
The arrival of two new zebra sharks at a Dorset aquarium could help in the conservation of the species, marine experts have said.

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