Perfect Gift Ideas for Popular Pets

Buying gifts for our pets is often as easy as pie. We know what they like and enjoy, and we can replace worn-out toys, stock up on their favourite treats, or splash out on big-ticket items.

But what if you’re purchasing a gift for someone else’s pet? Is it a birthday present for your boyfriend’s dog? Something for your parents’ cats at Christmas? A little something for a friend’s beloved rabbit after a trip to the vets?

Giving a present to any pet is terrific, just like gifting our human friends and family members. But what to offer? Collars, leads, and other necessities are generally a very personal choice, and most owners will already have one or more items from their chosen brand that they prefer to use.

Similarly, food and treats are something that many proud pet owners will have pored over in choosing. If you know a cat or dog owner’s favourite brand, some treats make a lovely gift, but broadly speaking, dietary items are probably best left alone. Much the same is true of toys and other run-of-the-mill paraphernalia. With a preference likely already established, there are often better, more practical, and more thoughtful gifts out there.

Of course, gifting is an inherently individual process, and it’ll never be a ‘one size fits all’ affair. Avoid anything that squeaks or makes noise in general, as your pet-owning friends and family may never forgive you!

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s a selection of awesome gift ideas for several of the most popular pets.


Most devoted dog owners have everything they’ll ever need for their four-legged best friends.

With this in mind, a monthly subscription box is a great idea. Something that won’t go to waste or get lost in the back of a cupboard, a nicely curated subscription box from one of the many providers now offering this service is sure to be well received.


Pussies are notoriously fussy, as any cat owner, past or present, will likely attest. A great gift, then, that’s also unique and shows a real effort is a personalized food or water bowl.

A high-quality ceramic pet bowl decorated with their name is sure to go down a storm, brightening up dinnertime and something that’ll get used day in and day out for years to come.


Whether an indoor or outdoor rabbit, many enjoy a snuggle with their owner. Easily frightened by their very nature, a cosy blanket to be bundled up in during cuddles on their owner’s lap is, accordingly, a thoughtful and practical gift idea.


Grooming is a large part of horse ownership, and many horse owners will have an abundance of standard grooming products.

However, luxurious, soft finishing brushes are almost always well received, as are the latest innovations to try, such as grooming gloves or microfiber grooming kits.


Pet birds can be finicky, so they’re a challenging gifting prospect. Incredibly intelligent, unless their owner has given you one or more ideas, consider some type of puzzle that they can get their beak into!


Choices here are limited unless you’re also a seasoned fishkeeper. If not, consider an attractive coffee table book on the subject of aquariums.

Rather more for their owner than for the fish themselves, various well-known aquascaping books are available which would suit this purpose perfectly.

Other Pets

So, what about other pets? If their owner regularly posts photos of them on social media, consider saving a nice one and commissioning a custom pet portrait, which is immensely personal and beautifully thought out.

It’s a gift, in fact, which works for just about any pet!