Skegness Aquarium Introduces On-Site Yoga Classes

Skegness Aquarium has set its sights firmly on wellness as it introduces yoga classes at its seafront site starting this weekend.

  • Skegness Aquarium introduces wellness-focused yoga classes.
  • First class is to be held this Saturday, September 23rd.
  • Classes cost £8 per participant.

Skegness Aquarium has welcomed thousands of guests to its seafront site since it opened in 2015. Promising a peaceful look into various underwater worlds, things are set to become even more tranquil this weekend. That’s as the aquarium launches on-site yoga classes. Classes will take place in front of Skegness Aquarium’s main ocean display tank.

Designed to be beginner-friendly, the well-known aquarium has scheduled just a single entry-level yoga session for now. But, if the trial session is a success, the venue hopes to roll out regular classes.

Skegness Aquarium will hold its first class in partnership with local yoga instructor Stephanie Otter. “I’m really excited for the yoga session [at Skegness Aquarium],” says Stephanie. “This is possibly my most exciting venue to date!”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Skegness Aquarium went on to explain how the initiative would offer something different and new outside of normal aquarium opening hours.

“We’re thrilled to diversify the use of the aquarium with something new and different outside normal admission hours,” explains Skegness Aquarium’s spokesperson. “Yoga has seen a huge increase in popularity lately and our venue, with its stunning underwater tank, is perfect for it.”

Skegness Aquarium’s first yoga session takes place at 9 AM on Saturday, September 23rd. The class costs £8 and interested parties can, subject to availability, book a place by contacting Skegness Aquarium via Facebook.